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“If a dove is the symbol of peace, then a butterfly is the symbol of change,” declared sixteen-year-old Finny Guy through a megaphone at the September 20, 2019 Climate Strike on the CU Boulder campus. As shown in the photograph, Ting Lester stood by embodying the beauty of the butterfly, making present her commitment to transformational change needed in our policies and choices to reverse global warming.

Butterfly created by Beth Osnes and Juliana Forbes, Civic Engagement by Young Women’s Voices for Climate--Eliza Anderson, Lola D’Onofrio, Finny Guy, Olympia Kristl, Ting Lester, Uli Miller, Lerato Osnes, Leela Stoede, Sofie Wendell, Photography by Lianna Nixon


























Butterflies in Penn Station, New York City, Beth Osnes as Western Swallow Tail and Emmet Norris as Blue Morpho

Photos by Lianna Nixon


























































Butterflies at the Drawdown Learn Conference at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York, October 2019, Patrick Chandler and Beth Osnes as Western Swallow Tails,

Emmet Norris as Blue Morpho, and Sarah Fahmy as Monarch

Photos by Lianna Nixon
























Butterflies in Mexico City, Emmet Norris as Blue Morpho

Photos by Juliana Forbes




































Butterflies in Arches National Park, Sarah Fahmy as Blue Morpho


Butterflies by Beth Osnes and Juliana Forbes, Butterflies embodied by Sarah Fahmy (Monarch) and Emmet Norris (Blue Morpho), Photograph by Isabel Cousins

“These butterflies are made from repurposed bed sheets from a secondhand store and curtain rods from various windows, now bare. I created the butterflies to embody the natural world and inspire feelings of opening and wonder. The butterflies have performed in Penn Station, Mexico City, Arches National Park, at the Drawdown Learn conference, at Climate Strikes, and, pictured here, for early morning hikers at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. Stay tuned for more sightings." –Beth Osnes 

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