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Drawdown, Act up!

See more information on Drawdown Act Up! on the Inside the Greenhouse website.


Videos of Drawdown Act Up skits:

Drawdown Act Up!Lettuce Plan A Head


Wind Turbines Are Beautiful




















Open Educational Resources for creatively engaging students in communicating Drawdown solutions. Our research on this project shows that the use of ‘good-natured’ comedy and fun helps young people process negative emotions regarding global warming, feeds hope, and sustains commitment to climate action. Additionally, embodying concepts is beneficial to learners.

     -Each of the activities below is linked to a PDF of a ‘grab and go’ lesson plan that is classroom-tested, ready for easy implementation in the classroom or informal learning environment. 

-These materials have been co-created by Beth Osnes with her students and brought into expressions with the partnership of Emmet Norris and Ami Nacu-Schmidt.

Drawdown, Act Up! Activities and Games:

Facilitate your students in creating their own skits and activities with help from this: Devising Skits Resource Sheet

The already-created examples below can be used to guide and inspire students.

Drawdown, Act Up! Skits:


Good-Natured Comedy to Enrich Climate Communication by Beth Osnes, Max Boykoff, and Patrick Chandler (Comedy Studies, 2019)
A Laughing Matter? Confronting Climate Change Through Humor by Max Boykoff and Beth Osnes (Political Geography, 2019)
Leave 'em Laughing Instead of Crying: Climate Humor Can Break Down Barriers and Find Common Ground by Max Boykoff (The Conversation, 2019)
A Theory of Climate Change—and Climate Wonder—for the Classroom by Jonathan Hahn (Sierra Club, 2018)

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